It’s not your job to fix anyone else.

It’s not your job to fix anyone else.  It’s not your job to show the asleep ones what’s really going on.

The reason being is that what they see is “real” for them, just as what you see is “real” for you.

One cannot see what one isn’t equipped to see.

If one has a tool called a microscope, one can see tiny things that aren’t “real” to the person without such a tool.  If you have a tool called a telescope, again, one can see “unreal” things.

And the kind of tool also matters.  The theory of “dark matter” was created by people who had telescopes that could detect only visible light.  So dark matter must be “real” because that was the only explanation that would make sense of what they saw through their tool.  Then along came x-ray telescopes and infrared telescopes and all the tools that could detect “real” things that visible-light telescopes couldn’t see.  And suddenly, there is no need for dark matter, because the missing pieces are now accounted for.

So, if one doesn’t have access to tools, or has access only to inferior tools, then their perception of reality is very different than another’s.

Plus, of course, the recognition needs to be made that all tools available to general humanity are vastly inferior tools and that even the most advanced human tools see only a small portion of what is possible to be seen.

So you live in a world of people with tools of varying abilities, and people (in general) are very attached to their tools.  Their tool is the best tool, and there’s no reason to use another.  And even the lack of tools is often seen as a point of human pride.

The person who is focused on work, status, and getting ahead in life, they have no need of a microscope or telescope.  They are content to see life on their one level.  The person with the microscope sees the world on two levels (the normal level and the small level) and is content to explore the “reality” of the two perceptions, the two dimensions.  The person with both telescope and microscope adds another dimension of perception.

With each dimension of perception added, comes mental flexibility, the ability to switch between modes of perception as the need of the moment requires.  This tool one moment, another tool the next moment, all realities are real in every moment.

Beyond the physical tools are the mental, emotional, spiritual and psychic tools that each has access to, if it suits the needs of their soul contracts.

Just as not everyone has access to high-power telescopes to point at their will, so too, not everyone has access to the same mental, emotional, spiritual and psychic tools.

Which may seem unfair at first glance, but the use and availability of a tool comes with a downside of the expectation that one will use it.  And before one can use it, one has to be trained in using it.  During the training and use process of this tool, that person can’t be doing other things.

If everyone is watching the telescopes, who would watch the microscopes or plow the fields?  If everyone is channeling spirits, who would heal the sick or create artwork or new technology?

Every soul has a contract, albeit a flexible one, that says:

 “I want to do X, therefore I’ll need access to Y and Z tools, and I shall be discouraged from pursuing A, B and C tasks/tools because they will distract me from my X task/goal.”

The task “X” that the soul specifies is unique for every person on the planet, no two are the same.  And the task “X” varies in breadth, depth, intensity, scope and time frame.  And that task can also change.  For a while, a person can focus on one “X”, accomplish it, decide they aren’t ready to die, and pick up another “X” to pursue.

So let’s say someone has had a previous life of wealth and power, and now their “X” is to experience a life of poverty and lack.  …  They would be given the tools “Y and Z” to pursue that path, and be discouraged from “A, B and C” so they weren’t distracted from their goal of “X”… which in this case is to experience poverty.

For this person, the awakening currently happening planet-wide wouldn’t really impinge on their reality, and rightfully so, because it is one of the distractions (A, B and C) that would otherwise turn them from their goal of “X”, to experience poverty.

Of course, this quickly becomes very complicated.  Some of the tools, such as negative social programming, are sometimes meant to be temporary tools that are put in place to allow the growth one achieves by overcoming that tool, consciously putting it aside and choosing another tool.  Some people are able to follow that plan, and others get mired in the programming and can’t find their way out.  Which is further complicated by those whose plan (X) is to purposefully experience being mired in the programming.

Which all wraps back around to the beginning point.  All humans are exactly where they need to be, to experience exactly what they need to experience.  Some will experience stagnation and hardship, and others evolution and happiness.  And everyone has access to the tools (Y and Z) they need to pursue their path (X) and has appropriate blocks in place (A, B and C) so they aren’t distracted from their chosen path.

Said another way: Each person’s “reality” is exactly what it needs to be for their individual path.

Given that’s the case, it’s not anyone’s job to force paths (X), tools (Y and Z) on other people, or try to push away barriers (A, B and C) that one sees in the other’s way.  Everyone is exactly where they need to be, doing exactly what they need to be doing, seeing a reality that’s perfect for them.

Your job is to pursue your path, and at the very MOST provide opportunities and openings that allow others to make a conscious choice to step forward and accept the tool or not.

For example, an operator of a telescope might provide scholarships for those who want to learn that tool.  A channeler might post their messages on the internet, so someone drawn to it could choose to listen.  And so on.

Pursue your path, and if called to do so, provide opportunities for others.

And value and honor others enough to allow them to also pursue their own paths and opportunities without hindrance from you..

Which all boils down to… mind my own business.  🙂